Pilgrimage of the Lost Souls

What was found and lost, is to be found again

Its no fair when they fly away

Standing in the small clearing watching their target fly away and hearing the mech stomp through the woods behind them Doof and Tanah stare into the sky in disbelief. Quite certain that the Angel had never said anything about the girl being able to fly, and now wondering why someone who is able to fly needs their help. These thoughts aside, they continue the search by going back to the camp and starting fresh. The group notices that Phillip seems distracted. Allison and Tanah both try to find out why. After some more gentle prodding from Tanah, unlike Allison’s much more direct approach, Phillip reveals that while their initial mission was to take out the Angel, their ultimate goal was to find a girl. Everyone had to learn a phase that they were supposed to say. That piece of information led to an assumption that the girl did not speak American, but Dragoneze. When Doof called out earlier, the girl just heard shouting in a foreign language. After spending the night, and experiencing why she was camping on the eastern side of the mountain before, they start the next day cold but fresh. Looking for a lead as to where an airborne quarry would land, it takes considerable time, but Doof finds some plants that only grow in a very particular environment. Consulting his mapping gauntlet, Doof gets an idea of another place to try. From the new location, Tanah finds a trail disguised as an animal path. Following that, they eventually come across her. Slowly approaching and speaking in a language that she can understand seems to pay dividends. Returning her cloak and agreeing to meet again after she has time to think about what they have told her. The next day they return, and when the sun is at it’s height in the sky she emerges and all of them speak again. Allison is brought in to remove the manacles that have been welded together to secure her wrists and ankles. After more discussion, Tanah’s calm voice disambiguity over her excited body language, and some humor at Allison’s expense endears Tara to Doof and Tanah both, Tara agrees to go north. After going back to her old camp, she reveals that under some debris was her pack. As they travel both Allison and Tanah are cautiously intrigued by her tools that she retrieved from camp. From the early discussions they know that she as wanted to make weapons and items, but the tools she carries are blacksmithing and leather working tools. Why would a high tech power armor wielding mercenary try so hard to retrieve a blacksmith? A blacksmith who flies, but a particularly young blacksmith nonetheless. Tanah also wonders exactly what the ability of this supernatural scent generator is, besides winged flight. While she appears young, having reportedly growing up somewhere without winters or seasons it is difficult to discover her age. Her memories of her parents, who are reportedly human, ended with them giving her up and her being transported ever here and sold four winters ago.



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