Pilgrimage of the Lost Souls

Snow, Repair, Education, and Dreams

Welding in a winter wonderland....

As additional inclement weather moves in, Allison moves into high speed in creating a makeshift structure. With her shelter in place, Allison pushes herself to repair and re-armor her mech. Doof worries about the long hours her sister is putting in, but knows it is not worth the fight with her. Tanah found a book on sign language, and Doof and her spent the time learning the new language, practicing and training.
In this lull of adventure, the group is able to relax and recharge- except for Allison. It allows dreams and time to reminisce to happen. Things lost and events missed. Birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, holidays.
When the mech is as repaired as Allison can make it, she crawls it out of the shelter. As a testament to her ability to jerry-rig even large structures, it still stands even though the mech was integral to the support system. As the party moves out, they know that the leads that they had found previously were now lost in the snow. After several days of trudging slowly through the snow and trying to find anything to track, and coming up with nothing but old campsites, Tanah suddenly catches the scent. Following the scent, the group moves to the western side of the mountain. Less snow, but higher winds. The next day, the group sees they quarry. From what they can see, she has had a rough time. Unkempt, matted hair and a humped back underneath a heavy cloak. As she is gathering berries, Doof catches sight of a manacle still attached to her wrist. When she becomes alerted to the groups presence she takes off running. Tanah and Doof on horse take off in pursuit. She ducks and weaves through the underbrush, demonstrating her knowledge of the forest that she has been in for a while. Tanah does her best, and horse continues to close the distance with pure raw power bringing Doof ever closer. Where a tree fell and took out several smaller trees creating a small clearing Tanah and Doof sees a sight that further fuels their questions. As the girl emerges from the brush, she throws off the heavy cloak revealing a pair of wings tucked tightly against her back. Spreading her wings she takes to the air, in mere moments she is at the tops of the trees and then, poof, gone into the trees.



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